What We Do

Pro Gaming Team Support
Our focus is not only helping craft professional players, but optimal teamwork fundamentals and communication in the process.
Strategy and Coaching
Our team has over 10 years of experience in competing at high ranking levels and stakes through a variety of games.
Team Building
Assembling an esports team is half the battle, consistent management, growth and optimization are what separate the good from the truly epic.
evolve’s mission is to provide a competitive gaming
environment to the next generation of gamers

Who We Are

Jordan Plank
Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder at evolve
Having worked at Disney, The Ritz-Carlton, and in startups his experience lies in hospitality, partnerships, and strategy. He believes gaming builds relationships like no other because of its accessibility and connectivity. His goal is to positively influence the gaming community through evolve’s services and involvement.
Bryan Sandler
Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder
Bryan Sandler is our Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder and believes that with gaming we can create a deeper social connection than ever realized before. A biologist at heart, his research experience has exposed him to all walks of life and given him the ability to see the world through an objective lens. His goal for Evolve is to develop a brand that is recognized throughout the eSports industry.

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